GangsterKa Afričan

Second part of the crime thriller is about the fate of a cruel gangster, inspired by real events based on the Jaroslav Kmenta book „Padrino Krejčíř“.

Gangster Ka: African is a loose sequel of Radim Kraviec criminal campaign who is also known as Kacko.

After hardly understandable escape directly from police hands, Kraviec leaves Czech Republic. A new era of his criminal life begins. Kacko has nothing to lose. Just now all the scandals, which he left behind, are starting to rise on the surface. Kacko finds Seychelles as his new home, in hands he has 80 million bill of exchange which can make both the prime minister and government resign. 6 billion from burgled oil company CEPRO has slowly dissolve and therefore Kacko seek for new business opportunities. Even though it can mean coup d’état.

Czech Republic just like that exports to the World first class gangster. No matter if its Seychelles or JAR, everywhere this gangster enters, he quickly smash local mafia and brings his own rules. Kackos horrible behavior and dark side of his character are even worse as he is using more and more drugs and alcohol which leads to a quick transformation from very intelligent trickster to the darkest gangster, murderer and drug producer and smuggler. And that is a place in the underworld, from which there is no way out…

The end part of the dark story Gangster Ka: African, directed by Jan Pachl, focuses on the fact, that every committed evil cannot end without any consequences. What are the mechanisms of organized crime? Is it possible to win over them?