Crime thriller Gangster Ka is filmed by the book „Padrino Krejčíř” written by Jaroslav Kmenta.

Radim Kraviec aka Káčko is known by his high intelligence and talent for the perfect fraud. Where others are reaching for weapons, he uses ruse, army of lawyers and enormous capital. By blink of his eye he is capable of stealing billions from the republic. But he is well aware of the boarder that he can’t cross. Thar border is a physical elimination of anybody from his surroundings. Thanks to his contacts on the political scene, Kraviec is preparing a brilliant move – mastery of ČEPRO, the company which controls all the fuel in republic. It shall turn into a „business move” of the century if it works of course. But Káčko is unexpectedly betrayed by his right hand, Albanian Dardan Cirkel, who starts to cooperate with police. The impossible is becoming the reality.

Elusive criminal Káčko ends in the prison and billions are saved. At least for a while… Hard-bitten Kraviec is thanks to clever lawyers quickly out of the prison and free again. His wariness and coldly calculating mind are both gone. He goes to seek for his bloody vengeance. Káčko crosses the imaginary borders from the financial cheat to a cruel and ruthless butcher…

Gangster Ka is discovering the mechanisms of organized crime, brings light to six billion fraud and tries to objectively show the born of a true gangster. 

Movie is directed by Jan Pachl (series Cirkus Bukowsky), who is also the author of the script and in the leading role is outstanding Hynek Čermák with great support actors Alexej Pyško, Jaromír Hanzlík, Miroslav Etzler, Vlastina Svátková, Jan Vlasák, Jan Révai and others. 

First part of GANGSTER KA focuses on the Káčko and events in Czech Republic. Bisocop will distribute the movie to theatres from 10.9.2015 and second part, which is based on Káčko exile activities, will be in theatres from 26.11.2015.